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Taryn Polovin

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About Taryn Polovin

BApp.Sc.(Ex&SpSc), Grad Dip(Human Nutrition)

With a background in both exercise science and sports nutrition, Taryn has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She is an international instructor trainer, fitness presenter and was the host and creative director of the international TV show ‘Aerobics Oz Style’.

Taryn is a certified Pilates practitioner specialising in both matwork and equipment and is the sole Pilates contributor to Oxygen magazine.

  • BApp.Sc. (Exercise & Sport Science) Sydney University

  • Grad. Dip (Human Nutrition) Deakin University

  • Advanced exercise professional (Fitness Australia)

  • Gravity Pilates Master Trainer (EFI sports medicine, San Diego,USA)

  • Certified Punch Pad trainer (Black Belt Pro)

  • Pilates Practitioner (Pilates Moves, Australia)

  • Fletcher Pilates Towelwork instructor (Fletcher Pilates, USA)

  • Vibrogym Australia Master trainer

  • Metabolic typing Advisor


You Are What You Eat



Pilates is a form of exercise ideal for both fitness and rehabilitation. It is often used by elite athletes and dancers as many of the exercises can be adapted to become very sports specific.

Pilates focuses on body alignment and using your muscles in a controlled way while integrating breath into each movement.

Pilates can be performed either on the mat or using specialised Pilates equipment such as  the Reformer bed, Trapeze table and Wundachair.

Pilates is designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility as well as coordination. All Pilates sessions will focus on the same 6 principles: centering, control, concentration. precision, breathing & flowing movement.


Functional Training is a form of exercise where we train the body in order to improve our performance of daily tasks. The aim is not to see how many reps you can do of a specific weight or even the amount of weight you can lift but more about your ability to perform complex multi-joint tasks effectively and efficiently.

These workouts often involve body weight exercises but can also utilise specific equipment such as dumbbells, TRX, Power Plate & Freeform boards to name just a few. Functional training is valuable to everyone who wants to improve their quality of life as well as their strength, endurance or any sports specific goals. 



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